How Does it Work?

Similar Effect to Gastric Bypass Procedure, But Without The Surgery

RocaLabs™ Natural Formula creates a mini gastric bypass effect in your stomach, so you can eat less and lose weight without any surgery. Each day you take the formula, it expands in your stomach and leaves only a small limited stomach volume available for food intake throughout the day. You physically won’t be able to eat more than half of what you did before, and you’ll lose weight simply and naturally.

When you take the formula:

  • You physically have only a small limited stomach volume available for food intake
  • You eat half, without feeling any hunger
  • You have almost NO cravings for snacks or sweets
  • You eat at set mealtimes and not in between
  • You eat fewer calories than you burn (calorie deficiency)
  • You start losing weight from day one
  • You will eat much less with a smaller stomach, sparing your body as much as 2000 calories (=1/2lb of fat) each day
  • You will feel less tired & more active - users report feeling lighter and more energetic

Preparing the formula
Each day when you wake up, you prepare the formula by mixing the formula powder with water or another beverage. In a few minutes, it activates into a tasty, yet powerful mixture. As soon as you eat it, it begins to expand in your stomach. The formula is based on healthy fibers, and it stays expanded by constantly absorbing water, so you’ll need to make sure to drink plenty of water, both immediately after taking the formula, and throughout the day.

Only a small limited stomach volume available for food intake
The formula blocks most of your stomach, so that only small limited stomach volume space is available for food intake, for 10-16 hours. So, after only few bites, your stomach has no room left. Nerves in your upper stomach signal to the brain that you’re full, and you’ll feel pleasantly satisfied with far less food. All in all, you’ll have neither the space, nor the need, for more than half of what you ate before, and unless you force yourself, you won’t eat more than that.

Eliminates cravings
To further help you succeed, the formula also contains a powerful, unique natural ingredient, β-Glucan, which has the ability to eliminate your cravings for sweet, calorie-rich foods. It does this by moderating and balancing your blood sugar level, and prevent blood sugar spikes and dips that lead to cravings.

No diet restrictions
RocaLabs™ Natural Formula is not a diet. Unlike diets, you can continue to eat the foods you like. We encourage you to eat healthy foods, but since both your hunger and cravings are eliminated, no diet restrictions or calorie counts are necessary. You will be forced to eat half, and you WILL lose weight. From day one, you’ll naturally eat fewer calories than you burn, and enter a calorie deficiency. For every 250 calories you spare your body, you’ll lose 1oz of fat. If you eat 2000 fewer calories a day, that equals 1/2lb!

With RocaLabs™ Natural Gastric Bypass Formula, you finally have the weapon you need to win the fight against hunger, cravings, and obesity. You’ll lose weight, look better, and improve your health easily and naturally. The power to succeed is in your hands.